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Account for crypto companies

Our professional team will support you in opening an account and also in all future matters relating to your account. Our onboarding programm consists of three stages and starts with our high level questionnaire.

Conditions for account opening entities

The base of your company is in Switzerland
You have offices or a workspace in Switzerland
Your executive employees live in Switzerland

Service for Swiss based companies

We only offer services to fintech, crypto and blockchain companies, which are operational in Switzerland and have a business case promoting the development of new financial technologies in the Swiss marketplace.

It is essential that any interested party is willing and capable to provide us with all necessary information and data required to fulfill our regulatory reporting obligations under all relevant regulatory and tax regimes such as the EU Automatic Exchange of Information AEOI, the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act FATCA or national and international Anti Money Laundering laws.

Regulatory and strategic restrictions do not allow business relationships with trust- or holding companies that only generate passive income from investments, licenses, fee sharing agreements or similar sources.

Special and more concise restrictions and requirements apply to financial institutions and companies most likely becoming subject to financial market regulation in Switzerland.

Onboarding in 3 stages

First, we ask you to fill in the high level questionnaire. Please click on the button below and download the questionnaire. Complete all questions as concisely as possible and send us the document by e-mail.

Please note that we will only accept fully filled in questionnaires. In case of questions or ambiguities, do not hesitate to contact our crypto team: crypto@hbl.ch or +41 62 885 12 13.

Our review of the high level questionnaire is unconditional and free of charge.

If both parties agree to proceed with the onboarding process after the initial review, you will receive a deep dive questionnaire from our crypto team by e-mail. You are required to provide us with relevant information for our due diligence which may involve external legal partners.

You will be asked to review this document carefully and assure yourself that you will be able to provide all the required documents, data and information before you proceed as there will be a due diligence fee of CHF 2'500.00 payable upfront to cover a part of our in depth analysis and external cost.

In case of doubt you should consult a qualified advisor. During our deep dive process, we may revert with additional questions.

Subject to a positive recommendation from our deep-dive, our management board has to formally approve your onboarding. The presence of all documents requested during the deep-dive is a prerequisite. These will usually include proof of incorporation, a declaration of beneficial owners and controlling stakeholders, a variety of self-declarations regarding different tax regimes as well as permits, licenses, SRO-membership documentation or FINMA letters if and where necessary.

Terms and conditions

Due diligence fee: CHF 2’500.00 (one time, upfront, not refundable even when the onboarding process is stopped by the client or the bank).

Account management fees: on average CHF 2’500.00 min. CHF 1’000.00 per quarter depending on complexity.

We will neither handle USD payments nor accept direct payments in any crypto currency in this business relation.

Please note that our account documents, privacy statement, contracts and online banking services will be solely available in German.

Please take note that all documents and information received will be treated strictly confidential by ourselves and any potential legal advisors.


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E-mail: crypto@hbl.ch 
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The first stage of our onboarding process consists of our high level questionnaire. Please fill it in accurately and send it by e-mail to crypto@hbl.ch.